NZCCO Releases Manifesto 2020

Aug 10, 2020 | Media Releases


August 10th, 2020

The efficiency, reliability and cost-effectiveness of the shipping supply chain is critical for New Zealand, particularly to help New Zealand recover from the economic damage wrought by COVID-19, says the NZ Council of Cargo Owners.

The Council has today finalised its 2020 Manifesto which calls on the next New Zealand government to prioritise policies and investment that facilitate efficient, reliable and cost-effective cargo movement. The manifesto makes a strong call for robust engagement with the sector to support targeted and well-integrated planning for current and future supply chain needs “As an island nation, geographically distant from many of our key trading partners, and with a small domestic population, the economic growth and prosperity of New Zealand – and ultimately, wellbeing of all New Zealanders – depends on the performance of the supply chains that move our goods from end to end,” says NZCCO Chair Simon Beale.

“The Council of Cargo Owners’ 2020 manifesto seeks a cargo-centric approach across government that informs decision making at all levels and ensures supply chain concerns are acted on in a cohesive and timely way. Such policies and investment strategies include the importance of maintaining a high quality roading network, the need for resource management reform to facilitate timely and appropriate infrastructure development, and continued investment by border agencies in digital supply chain transformation technologies.

A full copy of the NZCCO 2020 manifesto can be found here.

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