Any New Zealand person, company, organisation or association that is an exporter/importer or who represents exporters/importers is eligible for membership of NZCCO.

Types of Membership

FULL MEMBER - Large Shippers (Annual membership Fee $3,000.00 plus GST) effective 1 April 2021

  • Members who either ship in excess of 75,000 freight tonnes or earn $100 million revenue from import or export activity.
  • Full Voting rights.

AFFILIATE MEMBER - (Annual membership Fee $1,500.00 plus GST)

  • Members from supporting industries such as ports, freight forwarders, transporters, and professional advisors.

Benefits of Membership


  • Proactively lobbying government on issues of interest and concern utilizing our political advisors, Saunders Unsworth Ltd.
  • Coordinating and writing industry submissions on specific government proposals or initiatives.
  • Representing members on relevant advisory groups or committees.
  • Generating positive and well-informed media coverage of the industry.

External Stakeholders

  • We have strong relationships with key external stakeholders. These include government and industry bodies, international bodies, NGOs, other sector groups.
  • Our members benefit from established relationships with these groups through the Council. By understanding our aims and activities, external stakeholders gain an increased appreciation of the commitment our members have to issues we encounter.

Shared Learning

  • One of the major benefits of membership is the opportunity for shared learning. The NZCCO fosters the exchange of information and practical experience between member companies, assisting these businesses to continuously improve their performance.


  • At least 3 meetings per year in which key officials and/or political spokespersons are invited to present to the membership*.
  • Regular updates to members on specific issues of interest or concern.
  • Access to industry information.
  • Advice to individual members on issues.

* Affiliates are welcome to attend the non-business sessions of the AGM and OGM but do not participate in Strategy and Policy sessions e.g. annual Strategy Day.

Global Network

  • We are part of a global network of national and regional shippers councils and partner organisations, under the umbrella of the Global Shippers Forum.
  • The GSF network consists of Shippers Councils and partner organisations in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.
  • The GSF is a recognised UN body similar to the International Maritime Organisation.
  • Full NZCCO members have access to resources of the GSF via the website and direct contact.
  • Membership of the GSF enables us to stay in touch with the latest thinking and best practice on economic, environmental and legislation in the freight sector.

Please fill out the below ‘Membership Application’ form and one of us will get in touch with you.